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Anne Marie Decker

  • Presentations:

“A fringe study in footwear: lessons learned from a sock in a box” at the Reconstructing Textiles and Their History: Egyptian Fabrics from the 1st Millennium AD online workshop that occurred on March 26th, 2022.

“But it looks like… methods for differentiating non-woven looped structures” presented at the North European Symposium for Archeological Textiles (NESAT) conference on 25 August 2021. Abstract, recording, and additional information available via the blog post here.

“Fringed and patterned: decorative elements in Romano-Coptic nalbound socks” presented at the Textiles from the Nile Valley study group conference on the 27th of October 2019.

Charting the Nalbinding of the Nile” presented at the Textile Archaeology of Egypt and Sudan’s seminar on “Current Research in Textile Archaeology along the Nile” at the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen on 21 January 2019. Abstract and recording are available here.

  • Publications:

“Case Study 8: Fringed brown sock” in the Archaeological Puzzles in a Museum online exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark which opened 1 April 2023. Details and link to pdf here.

“Three objects catalogued as vantsöm in the collections of the Museum der Kulturen in Basel, Switzerland,” with Cary Karp in Archaeological Textiles Review No. 64 (2022). Link to abstract, announcement, and off-print here.