Nalbinding in fiction

One of my favorite things to turn up while researching what is still, in many circles, a rather obscure textile technique are mentions of nalbinding in fiction! Here are three I have stumbled across so far. I’d love to hear of others!

Covers of three fiction books that include at least a mention of the technique of nalbinding.

Molly MacRae’s “Dying Wishes” is a Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery. “A Companion to Wolves” by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear is in the telepathic-animal-companion subgenre. Genevieve Gonichec’s “The Witch’s Heart” is the first in a series that reimagines Norse mythology.

Update: Posting in the Nålbinding group on Facebook garnered a few more fiction novels that mention nalbinding so I have several more to be added to the list.